• Aerial Work Platforms + Telescopic Handlers - Online Valuation Tool

Aerial Work Platforms + Telescopic Handlers – Online Valuation Tool
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Trailer-mounted platforms | truck-mounted platforms | self-propelled platforms | vertical platforms | pole climbing platforms | scissor lifts | personal lifts | Telescopic Handlers

  • Genre: 3rd Party Report
  • Sector: Access + Construction
  • Published by: Lectura
  • Format: Online
  • Price: £215 / $340 / €299 (For 1 Year)

​                       Equivalent to £17.92 / $28.33 / €24.92 per month

Access to extensive price histories. Our database of pricing records (both for purchase and sales) goes back 20 years! Use it to help you better understand the market trends and make educated predictions about future prices of Aerial Work Platforms and Telescopic Handlers.

Customizable valuations. Imagine you need to calculate the value of a specifc piece of machinery, but no two pieces of machinery are exactly the same. Here is where we can help! Use Valuation to create accurate, reliable, research-driven appraisals based on information YOU designate, such as;

  • Total working hours
  • Date of manufacture
  • Condition of equipment
  • Optional equipment
  • Year of manufacture

Easy certificate retrieval. We keep track of the products you valuate, so you don't waste time looking for them again and paying to print another certificate for the same machine. These certificates are great for determining (and proving) the fairness of a certain price, becuase they are provided by LECTURA, a neutral third party.

Available in 7 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish

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Aerial Work Platforms + Telescopic Handlers - Online Valuation Tool

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